Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrapped Plastic Egg Tutorial

We dropped our eggs off in the mail- I'm hoping they'll reach their recipients by Easter and hopefully brighten some postal workers' day on the way.

I have to admit, those plastic easter eggs make me a little bonkers. They're great for Easter egg hunts, but then they're all over, you step on them, and they're not especially attractive. Fortunately, this week I managed to turn some of them into something a little nicer looking.

I think they're pretty cute! Here's what you need:

Plastic Egg

Clear Craft Glue


Yarn (I liked the look of Sugar 'n Cream- and there are so many colors)
You'll also want a baby wipe on hand to wipe the glue from your fingers.

Swirl the glue around one half of your egg, then spread it around with your finger.

Starting at the top, loop the yarn around on itself and wrap it around. Continue swirling the yarn around .

Work the yarn all the way to the center of the egg, then cut the yarn on a diagonal (this helps it lay flat). Turn your egg over and repeat from the other end.

Ta Da! The whole process takes about 5 minutes.


Mama D said...

That is a brilliant idea! Nicely done!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute and simple project! I really like it.

Turtle said...

Do they still open and close? So cute!!

Rae said...

@ Turtle- they don't, but I think if you wre careful about how far you wrapped, you could make them that way. I'm not sure how much of a gap that would leave.

James and Elizabeth said...

that is awesome. I think I'll have to try and make a few myself. So cool.

Amy said...

so Cute! So did they make it to their destinations safely?