Monday, November 17, 2008

I Made It Monday: Baby Hats

With WBH supervising the HS football playoff game Friday night (go A-Town!) , I was faced with a choice- a lonely friday night at home, or crafting with my mom and sister. Easy choice, right?

These sweet baby hats are for MamatoMama's Caps to Cap-Haitian project. Please check out the site to learn more about the purpose of the project. We made them out of re-purposed t-shirts. Between littlest sister E, my mother, and I (with some help from Stinky) we put together 49 hats in two and a half hours. Each t-shirt usually made two hats, with some of Littlest Sister's making only one, and some of WBH's shirts making three.

The incredibly easy pattern can be found at the Mama to Mama link. If you have some spare time, a sewing machine, and a few extra t-shirts, this is a wonderfully easy project to put together for a good cause. The hats need to be received in Maine by December 10, which still leaves plenty of time.

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Rachel said...

very cute! if I had a sewing machine, (or even knew how to use one) I would make a hat too! lol! You're so creative!