Monday, November 24, 2008

Making it Monday: Easy, Cutsom Wall Art(ish) for Cheap

These are super easy to do. Borrowing an idea from Ali Edwards, who did this with a butterfly-shaped punch and papers she had on her desk, I stole this idea when we got slip covers for our living room. Pretty easy- using your choice of scrapbooking papers, punch the required amount of circles, then glue in place on the posterboard and slap it in a frame. I've also seen this done with larger circles modge-podged on a canvas, then some paint details added. It's inexpensive and you can use whatever colors work for your home.
We've since rearranged and now they're on a larger wall, so I'm working on a third piece. By working on, I mean, bought the third piece of posterboard for the project a month ago and haven't done any more on it.
Later today, I'm borrowing another idea, this time from Kari. I'll be posting a 'thankful list.' everyday this week, in preparation for Thanksgiving. What are your plans for the day?


Melissa said...

That's really cute! Crafts can be really overwhelming to me, but even I could handle this one. I don't remember if I commented on it or not, but I also loved the pictures you got from a book and framed for Aidan's room.

Elizabeth said...

I like your circles, thanks for pointing me towards Ali Edwards' site...I saw the butterfly one and I love it since I am a bfly nut and I already have that punch! I'll have to make me the bfly version someday. I like art that is inexpensive!