Monday, November 24, 2008

Week of Thanksgiving: Monday

-My husband. He is my best friend, my biggest fan, and he has the patience of Job when it comes to me. Last night, stressed, overwhelmed and not feeling well, he sent me upstairs to take a break with the bed,TV, and a little less noise. When I came back downstairs, he had picked up everything and was starting dinner. How I love that man of mine.

-Stinky. Like the pseudonym, suggests, and the stories here prove, he makes me crazy somedays. I wouldn't have him any other way, though. I love the slobbery kisses and the running hugs. I love the determined look in his eyes. He was so wanted, so prayed for, and I am so happy we have him.

-I'm grateful for the 5 pounds I lost when I threw the Halloween candy away. Yes, that's more of a brag then a gratitude, but TAKE THAT, trash talking mexican mall guys!

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