Monday, November 16, 2009

I Made it Monday: Lots

On the phone with my dear friend Tealah last week, I said something like "because baking helps." Truth be told, crafting, creating, making, it all helps. It's my therapy and my outlet. I've written before about dropping my stress into each stitch. I see now that it's dropped into each stitch, drop of glue, each swipe of frosting.

My two hands have been busy these last two weeks.

Knitting a hat to keep a buzz-cut boy warm

A hug to mail to great-grandparents

Scrapbooking - going back to my crafty roots there

making birthday cakes for my adorable sister in law.

and when stinky bites a chunk into one of the cakes, salvaging it into cakepops for these cutie pies.
(tutorial - be sure to check out bakerella's sesame street version. to. die. for.)
Oh, and this headband, but I haven't got a picture.
Posting will return to normal this week. What are you creating?


theballoonguy said...

Wow, you have been busy!

Melissa said...

It's good that your stress relief is so productive. I love those cakes! Did you use a special pan to do them?

twiddyfam said...

Love your craftiness! I hear ya, I've been more crafty lately and it does help reduce the stress level.

Tina and Dan said...

I with you on the benefits of crafting. There is just something about creating something stich by stich or bit by bit that is so soul-satisfying! I'm trying to make the majority of Christmas gifts this year and I can't wait to post them, but they are for family who also happen to read my blog, so I'll have to wait until post-Christmas to share the fun!