Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week of Thanksgiving

Please forgive the picture quality- camera batteries are dead, and these are all from my cell.

How could I not be grateful for Stinky? He brings so much joy to our home. Lately, he loves dinosaurs, preschool, kisses, and singing "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors.* We almost have Jingle Bells down and are working very hard on Silent Night.

And doing little things to make me laugh. Almost all day.

Hey, did you know it's National Tie One On Day? And by 'one,' they mean apron. I made this one for Carrie, my friend that I work with at church. I guess this is the apron of the month! It's based (very loosely) on the Mango Tango pattern from A is for Aprons. Hey, do you like my messy kitchen?

*We visited the drama classroom today with WBH, where the incredibly lifelike Audrey 2 puppet from both productions we've seen lives. He listens to the music, sings songs from the show, and has cast himself, the dog, and me in roles when we play. Yet seeing the plant that close to him, he literally trembled with fear. We felt a little bad.


joyofem said...

I miss you, friend. And I wish I could watch Stinky grow up in person. I'm glad you have this blog. I am thankful for it, in fact. Love to the fam...

Tina and Dan said...

Love it all!