Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Inspiration

One afternoon while I was working on the blog, Stinky plopped this down in front of the monitor. "When this is done, you have to get up, Mommy," he said. Point taken.

I've been guilty, since Rotten was born, of trying to do it all. I thought I was doing an okay job, too, but lately I feel a little stretched too far, and I need to reinforce the seams I feel like are coming apart. Stinky's having a rough time lately, too, and I need to focus on helping him this week.
I'll have another I Made it Monday plus tutorial when I come back on the 18th. I hope you have a great week.

* * *

"Most of us intuitively understand how important the fundamentals are. It is just that we sometimes get distracted by so many things that seem more enticing. Printed material, wide-ranging media sources, electronic tools and gadgets…can become hurtful diversions or heartless chambers of isolation. Yet amidst the multitude of voices and choices, the humble Man of Galilee stands with hands outstretched. Waiting. …He does not speak with a powerful megaphone but with a still, small voice. "

Deiter F. Uchtdorf


Anonymous said...

That is an extraordinary quote! Have a wonderful week. Tammy

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

This is exactly what i needed to hear. It's time for me to get off the computer.

balloongal said...

I need to set myself a timer, too.

Tina and Dan said...

That is great! I have been working on the same thing. I am limiting my online time now everyday and it has helped and I think I've actually curbed my addiction a little. I don't constantly feel this need to get on and "check" everything.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the quote. I need a timer, too.