Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

"Now let me take a moment here to note that we must take care in our families not to cause spiritual or emotional snakebites in the first place! In much of today's popular culture, the virtues of forgiveness and kindness are belittled, while ridicule, anger, and harsh criticism are encouraged. If we are not careful, we can fall prey to these habits within our own homes and families and soon find ourselves criticizing our spouse, our children, our extended family members. Let us not hurt the ones we love the most by selfish criticism! In our families, small arguments and petty criticisms, if allowed to go unchecked, can poison relationships and escalate into estrangements, even abuse and divorce. Instead, just like we learned with the poisonous venom, we must 'make full haste' to reduce arguments, eliminate ridicule, do away with criticism, and remove resentment and anger. We cannot afford to let such dangerous passions ruminate--not even one day."

David E. Sorenson

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Anonymous said...

So very true. The good habit of communication is certainly being hit hard with technology. People are loosing the ability to speak to one another in a manner befitting a human being. It's easy to dart out and say what so ever is on your mind. Takes a bit more time to think it through, then speak. Very good post this morning. HUgs. Tammy