Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mind: Numb

We are still in jim-jams at noon, our teeth are unbrushed, and the mind-numbing sounds of Nick Jr. are playing in my living room right now, which can really only mean one thing: I'm not 100%. I wouldn't even say I'm 75%. A flu shot yesterday and a two boy lack-of-sleepover on the couch last night will do that to a girl.

To be clear, I'm not judging anyone who is cool with Nick Jr, and there's no judgement coming for letting kids watch TV- we do much more of that than we should here, especially lately. I just hate most of the programming, and I tire VERY quickly of the "I WANT THAT!" that comes with commercials that play during children's programming. For these reasons, I usually stick to PBS with some Disney Channel for good measure.

I'm curious today- What concessions do you make when you don't feel on top of your game? And what children's program makes you want to throw your shoes at the TV?


Sara Leavitt said...

Movie day!!! No adds or annoying shows. If it's a good one and Reagans distracted I can even sneak in a little cat nap while laying on the couch next to her. The show I hate the most: Wonder Pets- the baby talk drives me nuts!

RM said...

We watched our share of TV and movies in the first few weeks. It allowed me to rest, and I told myself not to feel terrible about it.

I try to put on PBS as well, as I don't generally find myself looking at Dora, or some show that looks like crack addicts invented it. Thomas is also a favorite in this house.

Keep it up Mama! :D

Melissa said...

When I am not feeling good, the TV is definitely on more and the kids also spend time on playhouse disney online. We no longer have Nick Jr. and luckily my kids never got into the shows much, but I am with you. I much prefer PBS or Playhouse Disney because of the lack of advertising commercials (the "I wants" drive me crazy!)

Hope you feel better and that your boys sleep well for you!

Anonymous said...

All-you-can-eat Go-Gurt keeps them fed and they bounce between television, the computer, and the neighbor's house for entertainment.

(Today was exactly that day [except for the Go-gurt; note to self: go grocery shopping] and I'm not even sick. Just drained of everything.)