Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Hike at the Nature Center

"Mom," Stinky began, "If I went deep into the woods, you would miss me so much. So all of us should go into the woods together." A few months ago at preschool, we took a trip to the nature center, which has trails to hike, animals to see in the center, and a beautiful playground. They're easy trails, and there are lots of things to see, so we decided to try a family hike, and we went into the woods together.


The trails offer options for how long you can hike, and I'm proud to say Stinky only said he was tired once when we decided to take the long route. He loved listening for and looking for the animals.


Despite this face, Rotten was a good sport in the carrier for the hike, occasionally babbling to us as we walked. Other hikers chatted up Stinky about the waterbugs and woodpeckers.


The playground at the nature center is a great bribe for "if you make it to the end of the hike and don't complain...." All of the climbers and slides are made to look like logs or trees. There's also a water pump and tree house to play in, so Stinky and WBH ran all over. Rotten mostly tried to eat bark.


We'll be back for another hike, without a doubt. Next time we plan to print out one of the brochures and explore the markers along the trails a little more.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Looks like a ton of fun!

balloongal said...

Love those family hikes.