Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mary Poppins


Both being theater geeks in high school, Chris and I try to see one big show a year- this year it was Mary Poppins. It was wonderful. The sets were stunning, the music was lovely, and the details in the costuming were gorgeous. Our favorite number was "Step in Time" where the chimney sweeps were re-imagined as guardian angels. The music was re-worked from a fun dance number, cool harmonies and lyrics added. These were some of my favorites from the show:

"Childhood is a step in time
Parenthood's the same
Never miss a chance to get it right
Don't it seem a perfect crime
Don't it seem a shame
When the steps aren't going
As smoothly as they might
That's when we step in, step in time "

I found a great quality video of this song on facebook- if you've got seven and a half minutes, this will make you smile!

Our performance was also attended by the most gorgeous seeing-eye dog across the aisle from us. He was so sweet, I had to snap a picture of him.



Alexa Mae said...

OOO! I am jealous!! How cute of a tradition is that? I love it. I'm still kicking myself for not seeing a show in NYC. KICKING MYSELF! I will head on over there for 7 minutes. :)

James and Elizabeth said...

that sounds like a wonderful date. So glad you guys enjoyed it.