Monday, June 13, 2011

I Made it Monday: Father's Day Ties


We've started a new tradition for Father's Day. I took Stinky to choose fabric for a new tie for WBH. Stinky chose the brightest dinosaur fabric he could find, explaining "because my daddy's favorite color is blue, and he teaches me about dinosaurs." I got enough fabric to create matching ones for both of the boys, too. I think they were the best looking guys at church.

I used the Little Boy's Tie and Father's Day Tie, both at PurlBee for Stinky and WBH's, and I just sort of winged Rotten's. It was probably 4 hours of work but totally worth it, and a sewing machine is only necessary for a very small part of it. If you try it out, let me know, I'd love to see them!

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The Boxs said...

I agree, they were the best looking guys at church. What a cute picture of the boys. And I loved the ties!

rconrad said...

Do you think you could teach me to make a bow for Robyn and a matching tie for Daris!?! Those boys are just to cute! Watch out comes Robyn ;)

Anonymous said...

So fun. I will give it a try . . . after I finish all my current projects. Hmm. I should be able to get to it around the time they're going on their missions.

Danielle Barbe said...

HAH! this is adorable!