Friday, June 10, 2011

(not) Cookie Friday: Chocolate Bananas

Stinky has been asking for those frozen banana dip packets everytime we'd go to the grocery store. What little was in there seemed like it wasn't worth the price. So, after lunch, we skewered bananas and put them on wax paper in the freezer.


After dinner, we melted 2/3 cup chocolate chips in a glass bowl over boiling water, then dipped and spread the chocolate over.


The frozen bananas cool the chocolate almost instantly, but for good measure, we put them back in the freezer and made a trip to the library. We think these each have about 125 calories.


For what it's worth, frozen banana chunks make teething babies really happy.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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balloongal said...

As soon as the kids saw this post, they got very excited. They want to suggest it to Dad as he's in charge of FHE treat next week.