Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Belief

On the topic of faith, sometimes I feel a lot like Stinky in this picture- there's a huge ocean around me, but I'm looking at the small stuff on shore.

I believe in family.  I believe that it extends beyond genetics and time and death.

I believe in love, and that you don't choose it, but you can choose to nurture it or not.

I believe in miracles- big and small.

I believe in my chosen religion, but I don't believe it is perfect. I'll gladly discuss it with parties who are curious, but not antagonistic.  I believe that my time is valuable and fighting over faith wastes it.

I believe in carbs.

I believe that it is okay to question and doubt.

I believe conversation is always better than conflict.

I believe in equality, and I try to reconcile that with my faith.  This is something I've tried for more than a decade.  I believe there is an answer, but none that I've reached have set right in my heart.  I keep looking and praying.

I believe that being defensive accomplishes nothing but building a wall. I believe you can soften someone's heart more by being a friend than you can by being  an enemy.

I believe in the power of creativity, and that it resides in everyone.

I believe in cookies.

I believe in a God who loves you and me.  I believe it's cool if you believe in one that is different, or don't believe in one at all.

I believe in your right to believe in whatever gets you through, and I hope you do, too.


James and Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing what you believe in. I love your words.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that you are welcoming to everyone, and willing to share your beliefs with the world. It is admirable and rare to possess both qualities.

Mama D said...

I wish there more of you in the world. I really do. You are an incredible woman through and through.

Elizabeth said...

I believe in cookies and carbs too ;) and I thought that you put things in a very sweet eloquent way. Enjoyed this post and it's imspiring me to actually write out my beliefs.