Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Caspar Baby Pants, Cousins, and a Sprained Ankle

So, this happened, and it didn't happen doing anything exciting.  I was just walking to my car,  fell of a curb and rolled it.  

Unfortunately, I took this sweetie down with me.   You can see his goose egg in this picture.  When I took this shot, he was saying "I be mama doctor." 

Earlier, we'd had an awesome day.  WBH's sister and her kids have moved to the area, and we brought all the cousins together to see Casper Babypants in the Park.  If you don't know him, you should.  Former frontman for the Presidents of the United States, he makes music that you can't really tell is for kids until you hear the lyrics.  He's for Rotten what Imagination Movers was for Stinky.   

At first, Rotten wasn't sure.  He wasn't playing any of his favorites yet. 

Stinky seemed to channel a hippie at Woodstock, though-  thankfully, keeping his clothes on.

When we let him join the mini-mosh pit, he requested Rotten's favorite- "Eleanor the Elegant Elephant"  and danced most elegantly.

Rotten thought that was just pretty great, and was extra excited when "Stompy the Bear" was played.

The cousins sat, sang, and danced nicely together, with a little teasing.

After the concert, we moved on to the playground for a while, where WBH set the carousel off at a speed the kids couldn't get on their own,  Rotten climbed the rolling hill, and Stink rode the multi-passenger see-saw.  Sometimes we have boundary issues.

This spinning seat was a hit with Rotten, though, and he wanted to ride it until he couldn't walk straight. 

It was a great day, until I went and fell off the curb.  So maybe we'll try for a do-over soon. 

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