Monday, August 13, 2012

I Made it Monday: Knitting

The things about being in a show is that it can be a lot of hurry up and wait during rehearsals.  So to keep myself out of trouble, I brought my knitting- and a lot of it.  The knit balls are a great, (much easier than they look) Ravelry Pattern.   The others are much more free form- the rainbow wrap was something I sort of made up as I went while on vacation, the stripes were on a project I eventually decided I hated and ripped out. The last bit of texture on the bottom right?  That is from a cowl that I knit using (this is so cool) banana silk that WBH surprised me by ordering, knowing I can't use animal fibers without getting a rash.    It looks awesome, and I'll be sure to get pictures, soon.

Another project is on the needles this week.  I had planned a break from knitting, until an injury stopped me, this week.  Later on, when I have more use of my ankle, I'm excited to finish a quilt that I've had the the top done for ages.  But for now, while I rest and elevate, more knitting, more purling.

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