Friday, August 17, 2012

Instafriday 8.17.12

1.Building a trebuchet.   Yeah, we are.  
2. Sunshine squash, this years attempt at "pumpkins."  
3. Just before a date to go get school shirts.  
4. Playing nicely (it's been a rarity this week).  
5. Building a wooden helicopter (Stinky's choice of dollar store treat was the kit.)  
6. Kindergarten countdown 

Other cool stuff  that happened this week: 

-Backyard Cousin Campout
- Cast Party ( gosh, I miss those people)
- WBH and I hitting lower weights we haven't seen in years. 
-Rotten 'reading' a mash-up of Slippery Fish and Rainbow Fish
-Realizing there's just 3 weeks until the big boy is a school kid.  Killing me, but so excited for him.  
-One week until the Rotten one turns two.  Though, he's gotten really, really good at two already. 

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James and Elizabeth said...

Good times.

Mary McGiffin said...

You guys are awesome! So many wonderful things. :)