Monday, August 6, 2012

I Made it Monday: My Costume

photo by Wayne Robinson 

Closing weekend has come, and a friend put it really where when she said that it's an even blend of sadness and relief.  While it's on my mind, I'm sharing my costume for this week's I Made it Monday.  This was hands-down, my favorite of my costumes- and it makes the top five of all time, too.  

The skirt is made from Dana's excellent tutorial, the fake peter pan collar was from this tutorial, and then just safely pinned on.  I may add some finishing touches, take out the petticoat, and  wear it again, as I had to clue how flattering a circle skirt could be. 

Here's a better look at the whole thing together, paired with my favorite (but not made for dancing on an incline) shoes.  

I've been knitting up a storm lately, too, so next week, I'll post some of that.  Now, I've got a quilt to finish and an amazing amount of photos to get into an album.  

Happy Monday, friends.  Anything crafty you're working on? 


Elizabeth said...

I love how the costume turned out! Love polka dots. That's awesome that a stage costume also makes a great Sunday outfit too- I usually can't re-wear my halloween costumes that I sew, lol! I love those shoes with it.

Melissa said...

What a cute costume, good job! Also, good job on all the hard work that goes into practicing and performing. I admire the effort you put into finding time to persue your talents and interests in the midst of being a good mommy. And I love that Aidan got to do it with you! Hope you guys are having a good summer!