Monday, October 27, 2008

We Made It Monday: Halloween 2007

Last year's Halloween was out first in the home we're in now- our first with a porch to decorate. WBH did a great job with our pumpkins. He likes to use his power tools on them, but I'm really impressed with the outcome. This year, he did a bunch featuring the logos for each of the derby teams on Funkins- so they'll last- and has big plans for the pumpkin this year.

The cute little devil costume? Yours truly knit that little bad boy for my little bad boy . Every. Last. Stitch.


Tina and Dan said...

That devil outfit is SOOOO cute! You'll have to get a picture of the little devil in the little devil suit! :O)

Rachel said...

you're so craftsy... your like my craftsy hero! i love the outfit! i wanted to make an outfit for calvin for his first halloween, but jeffs wonderful mother bought him a tiger costume! so... maybe next year! i also love your derby outfit! you look HOT mama!