Monday, October 20, 2008

Like Bart at the Blackboard.

I will not restrain my toddler with bungee cords.
I will not leave the dog outside all day in the rain, even if he does have it coming.
I will not fashion a Great Dane-skin coat and handbag ensemble.
I will not lock myself in my room and let the two of them have free reign of the house.
I will not run out the door as soon as my husband comes home, shouting "Haha, finders keepers!"
I will not skip derby practice to eat my weight in Ice Cream instead.
I will not put my child in the dog's crate, even if it is bigger than our bathroom
Even though I really, really want to.
I will post an "I Made It Monday" later today.


Tina and Dan said...

Priceless! By the way, thank you!

Melissa said...

I've had those days before. Hang in there!
Thanks for the link to the roller derby demonstration. I was also wondering what it was. What position are you? It looks fun!

Chris said...

Hello! I came across your blog by accident while googling toddler blackboards, ha ha - Thanks for the chuckle! I can relate!

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I'm including a link to my blog in the comments so you can see that I'm not a weirdo. Well, I hope that's what you think. Har. I hope you check out Momma Chat, and I look forward to chatting with you!