Wednesday, July 8, 2009

De-Stashing Month: Baby Booties

I'm extra proud of these booties because I worked out the pattern myself. It's ridiculously simple, and if you know three stitches- knit, knit two together, and bind off- you can do it. I'll add the pattern if anyone is interested, comment and let me know.
These are great stash busters, as they require very little yarn. Add two pink pairs that I've finished since taking this picture. Two links related to this post: CraftHope , which I just can't say enough good things about. These booties, along with a few from my sister's hands, are being sent to her for the Indian orphanage. The yarn for the green and pink booties is from Smart Monkey, which recycles yarn from old sweaters, and sells it at Tacoma Farmer's Market, the Fremont Market and on Etsy at some great prices.
What's your latest crafty endeavor?

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