Monday, July 13, 2009

I Made It Monday: Fail

If I'm going to show the awesome things I've done with no money spent, I have to share the flops, right? It was supposed to be a pull-over to cardigan conversion on a sweater that never fit me very well. It was converted. It is not pretty. I learned in the process, though. First, I need to cut the same size binding as I do for a quilt, and second, V-necks aren't a great option for this. So I'm wondering what else a sweater can become to rescue this terrible project. A stuffed animal? A pillow cover? Heaven forbid, a kleenex cozy?


M said...

Pants. For adorable children. Cut the sleeves and they become the legs of the pants. Wool sweaters are great recycled for diaper covers. Just google wool diaper covers or recycled wool and you'll get some great ideas...but cotton sweaters would make some cute pajama pants.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Car washing rag?

EnviroPirate Bandana for Stinky?? (hey, it's green)

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Erin made me a darling bag out of an old sweater with a crocheted handle.