Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thin Thursday: What the....

So, I quit Weight Watchers, remember?

As of this morning, I've bumped up my losses to 10 pounds. Perhaps it has something to do with having one less thing to stress about and less time to eat. Or all the extra moving from packing? Or less stress eating from waiting to close? Or a lack of appetite both from the heat and lack of junk in our house? The ridiculous amount of fluids I've been drinking because of the heat? Have I just melted away?

Could it be because I'm knitting more? This may sound silly, but I knit when I want to lose weight. You can eat while doing many crafts- knitting isn't one of them.

WBH has also lost some weight in the last few days, doing the fence building at the new place and downing water like a mad man. I don't know what it is that's done it, but I'll take it. I'm really happy with this development and am going to work on keeping it up.

By the way, you guys rock on the recipe thing! Thank you so much! It looks like we'll have a stove sooner than expected, but I will without a doubt be trying the recipes and books you've suggested. You are awesome!

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