Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thin Thursday: Late again

This week was a rough one. Stinky started the meeting two weeks ago by yelling at me, and we left ten minutes later, when he decided to steal Weight Watcher's food and slap me when I made him take it back. (The twos are going to kill me). I didn't get much out of the meeting. WBH is teaching one last week of summer school, and Stinky will be attending summer school with his dad while I attend meetings, and then the two guys get to hang out together after next week. I was up .4 this week. Not really a big deal. I wasn't fantastic about tracking, and it's hot, which can lead to water retention. Sitting in glorious solitude in this week's meeting, we discussed ways to get through today's festivities. Three things my leader mentioned really stuck out to me, and helped me get through today. First, she said that one member had an idea that she loved (and if she endorses it, I'll jump on the wagon!), where on holidays and holidays ONLY, she counts all fruits and veggies as 0-point foods, and fills up on them. I hit the watermelon hard today!

She suggested that we consider switching the day our points reset to Saturdays. Many events are on Saturdays, and having the weekly points all available to you at the start of the weekend can keep you from going crazy. I switched it today, and I'm proud to say that I only used 10.5 weekly points today, minus those fruits and veggies that don't count on holidays.

Finally, she shared a cake recipe, low in points and SO good. I made this for our celebrations today, and it's just too good not to share.

1 can (12 oz) of diet soda ( colas or root beer for chocolate, lemon-lime for a light cake)
1 cake mix- I used cherry chip.

Mix and bake as directed. Simple, right? The cake is pretty dense and oh so yummy. For the frosting, I mixed a container of fat-free, sugar-free cool whip with a sugar-free package of white chocolate pudding. I spread that over the cake and covered it with halved strawberries. One 8th of the cake and frosting is 6, If you divide it by 12 (like cupcakes!), it's just 4 points. It's so yummy.

I hope your 4th has been amazing! I'm hacking away at my de-stashing crafts. What are you up to today?

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Rachelle said...

Ohhhhh I need to make that cake!