Friday, September 4, 2009

I picked some winners!

(every little boy needs an aunt to fall in love with and an uncle to teach you to do rude things.)

Yes, I know that's terribly tacky and wrong of me, but Random Integer Generator picked two winners and they were numbers one (BaloonGal gets the tea towel!) and six (Rachel gets the key loop!) Ladies, please facebook me your addresses so that I can send them off to you (should be shipping Tuesday) and send you Christmas cards later this year, too.
Busy weekend, really busy week. The theme seems to have been "this wasn't in the plan..." but more on that later. I hope your weekend is lovely. I think we're off to the ocean tomorrow, but we'll see how that works out.


Aimee said...

I loved the ocean, we went in August and it was wonderful.

Heather said...

Thanks again for linking my website to your blog, Rachael! It was nice to have positive feedback and get a few extra views in! ;)

Rachel said...

Wait, me? Rachel as in me? WOW! I don't want to get too excited if it's different Rachel, but I'm happy if it's me! I did want that cute keychain! I'll email you my address, if not for winning the keychain, but for the Christmas card! :) Luv ya!