Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Recap

My gift from WBH and Stinky: Stinky drew a picture of me, and WBH converted it to a metal pendant. I think they've really captured my essence.

It started like most of our days have been: Stinky sneaking into my bed at 2am to be snuggled for the rest of the night. Lately, I'm just to sleepy to fight it. We woke again later,and WBH was up to make us belgian waffles. Apart from the breakfast and the necklace, my other Mother's Day wish was a shower uninterrupted, which was kindly filled.

What really put the cherry on top of this lovely morning, was seeing Stinky walk to the front of the congregation to sing with the rest of the children. Seeing him crane his neck to see where we were sitting in the back and then wave his hands, I couldn't help but remember a Mother's Day a few years ago, when I wasn't sure if or when motherhood was coming for me. It was a painful day, watching the children sing a Mother's Day song that year. Seeing our little man singing with the kids, I was filled with gratitude for the blessing of being his mom, the mom of another one to come, and the blessing of having WBH at my side to parent with. I even felt gratitude for that painful year. Without that time, I don't think that moment would have been as sweet.


balloongal said...

What a blessing you are to your family, Rae. I'm glad you had that moment while watching your son.
I love the collaboration between your son and husband for your pendant. That is precious.

Elizabeth said...

What a great gift! Awesome.