Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stinky, Son of the Beach

Our trip to the beach house this year was wonderful. We managed to avoid all the weather we'd been warned about on the news in the days before, which left plenty of opportunities for exploring.
In spite of the toys, tricycle, movies, and games we packed in the event that the weather turned on us, all Stinky really wanted to do was to explore the beach. Throwing rocks, drawing with driftwood in the sand, and finding crabs were first on his agenda. "He's a son of a beach," his uncle declared.
Stinky, WBH, and I shared a makeshift bed from two twin beds pushed together. It was cozy, and a little lumpy, but we made it work.

WBH arranged a treasure hunt for the Stinkster one morning, complete with map and poem. 'X' marks the spot. Note the stick in his hand- this is a "Gandalf" stick. You climb on top of rocks and shout "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" in the lowest voice possible for your three years. Just so you know.
RedBeard the pirate seemed to know just what Stinky would like.

It was a great time to get away. Our family saw a mated pair of bald eagles and their nest and a pair of juvenile bald eagles not far from there, a lagoon full of blue herons, and the obliging deer (with their babies!) that always take their dinner on the field surrounding the house. The rain we had hoped to avoid completely provided stunning rainbows over the water, but cleared up right away.
We know that it won't be long before we have to rent a second space as our extended family grows, but we managed pretty comfortably again. So long, beach house. We'll echo through your halls again next year.


Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

looks like a great relaxing vacation. I love how great you and WBH are to Stinky. What a lucky little boy!

balloongal said...

That is all terrific. I love the pictures. Such a happy boy.

Melissa said...

What a fun tradition for you and your family.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Okay, you are going to have about five billion comments to moderate from me, and I apologize. I am way behind in blogging, and I am treating myself today by catching up on some of my favorites.

Glad you got a vacation--beach houses are the best!