Monday, May 17, 2010

Pregnancy Update

A few "hope the pregnancy is going well" comments have made me realize that I haven't really written about it much lately. It's... going. Tomorrow, I hit 24 weeks. I still have some problems with nausea, restless legs, and fatigue, which have been frustrating, but this trimester has been uneventful, and I'm grateful for that.

My belly has morphed over the last few weeks from "Wow, Rae's had a big lunch" to undoubtedly a baby bump. Many people have been surprised that I still have 16 weeks to go after seeing it. That's what happens when you have no waist to begin with- there's nowhere to go but out. Gummi Bear is a mover and a shaker, unless someone is trying to feel him move. Then, he likes to hold perfectly still. Stinky is definitely getting into the idea of being a big brother, and tells me that he loves the baby in my belly. I'm apprehensive about making the transition and how he'll adjust. There's a bit to be done to prepare for the arrival- clothes to sort through, a crib to find (Stinky's was re-called), but I'm procrastinating all of those a while longer in favor of stressing out about this week's vacation (halleluliah, here it comes, but so much to do!).

And that's about it. I hope that the third trimester will be as uneventful as this one.

Happy Monday!


balloongal said...

My belly does the same thing with pregnancy. Nowhere to go but out. I'm not a tall gal. I don't have a long torso. Stinky is going to be a great big brother.

Emily said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope the next 16 weeks fly by for you :)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Lovely baby update. Gwenevere refuses to sleep in her crib and I don't really care to put another baby in a crib. Our pack n play works great for us. So if you want a crib you can have ours. It's brown. Come take a look if you like.

Melissa said...

I'm glad things have been pretty uneventful; uneventful in pregnancy is always good (sorry for some of the lingering unpleasant symptoms though). I started sorting through clothes this week to see what we have, because it just hit me this week that I am not just pregnant, but we are actually going to have a baby so maybe we should think about getting him a car seat and getting some things ready. I kind of feel like I'll just be pregnant forever.
Have fun on your vacation!