Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Face

There have been a lot of tears at my house this week. Mostly mine, some from Rotten. It turns out that the "Purple Crying" video that I rolled my eyes at when the nurse at the hospital was so insistent that I watched applies to me, too. That tiny angel in the see-through bassinet in the hospital can transform into a a bright red screaming demon at the drop of a hat. Mornings go well enough, but in the evening life can get pretty hard. Usually, I'm the only one who can console him, which is also hard. So, there have been a lot of tears at our house and I sometimes fall into bed at night, exhausted and wondering why I thought I had a clue about motherhood.

Then, he wakes up next to me in the morning, and first smiles, then sticks his tiny little tongue out at me. I stick my tongue back at him, and we go back and forth like that until he lets loose a soft giggle and I kiss-eat his cheeks like a starving woman. They refuel my batteries, those first few minutes of the morning.

The Purple Crying will go away. This evening, he stuck his tongue out at me again, and we went back and forth until I got the giggle I was needing. I realized that I've forgotten what life was like without him, just two months ago. It feels like he's always been with us now.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I just LOVE, LOVE that picture. Your little boy has so much spunk.

I can't even imagine how hard it is to be a new born. Not enough body control. someone else always in control. I think that is why we don't remember the first two years of our lives. Hang in there you two. Rotten, life will get easier just be patient. Mama, you've got the idea just keep swimming. :)

And cry as much as you want. Being a mom means you can cry when ever you feel like it.

balloongal said...

He is a precious boy. I am so glad you've found that special game between the two of you. Love the tongue. But I agree the exhaustion does take its toll. Hang in there. You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love how babies insert themselves into our lives so wholly and completely that we forget what life was like before they came. What a special blessing.

P.S. No one has a clue about motherhood. It's just one of those things a body has to experience. What a trip, too, huh?