Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a Good Crazy

My house smells like molten chocolate right now. That's not exactly kind to brag about, but it is true. This weekend is a whirlwind of family gatherings, beginning with my adorable sister-in-law's birthday lunch, continuing to Rotten's baby blessing and ending with a family luncheon. My grandmother, aunt, and uncle flew in from Arizona tonight. It will be crazy, but it's a good crazy. I'm mostly in charge of showing up with the baked goods, hence the chocolate scented house. I wish I could make this blog scratch and sniff.

Rotten will be wearing the same sweet suit that Stinky wore, that was also worn by his uncle. looking back on the pictures from Stinky's blessing day (February 2007) has been fun.

Have a great weekend!


balloongal said...

So precious. You guys are so blessed.

Roemhildt Family said...

I starch and Sniff blog that would be awesome. Can't wait to see Rotten in that sweet suit.

The Dolezal Family said...

Thanks for linking to an article I wrote! Congrats on the new baby boy. I love baby boys, as a mother of 4 I think they are the cutest! And I love the suit, which my boys would have had one so darling for their blessings! Wow, thats a lot of exclamation points for one comment, you can sure tell I'm a professional writer huh?!?