Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of Thanksgiving: Brothers

When we went in for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, I was sure that our baby was a girl. I would have put money on it. When the ultrasound tech told me there was no doubt, this was another boy, I was shocked for a moment, and then I thought "brothers!" Then I cried like a baby, but good tears. I love the way that Stinky looks out for his little brother. I love that Rotten laughs and smiles at him in a different way than he does for anyone else. It's almost conspiritorial, and I know it should scare me. I'll worry when Rotten is mobile.


Chiconky said...

Could they possibly get any cuter?

K.R. said...

How far apart are your boys? My boys are a little less than two years apart and yes...they are partners in crime! lol

balloongal said...

Yes. Brothers! I love that you've already got them interacting with each other. I'm excited to see that with my boys. Right now, Jr. loves to talk to and play with the baby, who is still kind of just there. But I've been telling him, your little brother is really going to look up to you. I'm glad you've got two boys. I'm glad I do, too.