Monday, November 8, 2010

Rotten's Blessing Day

I almost didn't post this picture, because it really isn't a good look for me, but on closer inspection, the details in this picture make me really happy.

  • WBH's beard is growing back in, because he's awesome and participates in group themed Halloween costumes.
  • Stinky's clothes are too big, because if I buy the size he's currently in, we can only use them for three months. He's covering his ears because a large number of family members were encouraging him to smile and stand next to us- he was trying to go get his flirt on with the leggy blonde about 20 feet to our right.
  • I look crazy tired because Rotten is going through a growth spurt and wants to eat all night long- but the dress just recently fit again and I was excited to wear it.
  • Rotten is barefoot because when WBH changed his diaper, he stuck his feet right in the poo. However, we managed to avoid any bodily fluids on the suit... yup, I've reached the poo-talk place. I'm telling you, I need more sleep.
  • Behind me, you can see the reflection of the stunning fall day that we started with- three hours later it was pouring rain.

So while on first glance I almost dismissed this picture, I'm glad I didn't. The stories in the details are too good to pass up.

More pictures to come!


Elizabeth said...

That's a cute family pic- and btw I love your shoes!

All too often the pics that we think are "bad" become the ones we love.

I'm glad to see families taking group pics- I think my family has like 2 because my dad was always gone working and we didn't think to when we were all together.

Tina and Dan said...

It is so good to see REAL pictures and get the REAL stories! I loved the pictures and of the one of Stinky in his blessing outfit! SO CUTE!

ps- Thanks for the Mrs. Santa Claus tips!

Roemhildt Family said...

so true. I can't wait to see more pictures. Your family is really amazing. It was fun to see all the relatives come celebrate with you.

balloongal said...

I love background stories. That is all terrific.

Anonymous said...

Love the dress.

So fun. I'm glad you were able to be surrounded family on Rotten's special day!