Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Made It Monday(a little late): Re-worked tee-shirt

I stink, I know. I'll try not to anymore. So the pink part of this shirt was one of my favorites, before I had my son. WBH bought it for me- we both thought it was clever, since he's a jeweler. Since having Stinky, the shirt didn't fit so well, but i really wanted to wear it. The secret? Rough-edge applique.
Basic instructions: Cut the logo out of the old shirt and pin to the new one (in this case, a clearance top from Jo-Ann). Stitch around the edges, being careful not to stretch the fabric as you do. Repeat until you have the desired border around the original image. Ta-Da!
It did pucker a little, but after washing the shirt, it seems to have minimized the puckering!


Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I like the shirt. I think it fits well if your husbands a jeweler.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love the shirt, that is so funny. Good of you to recycle it so you can enjoy it.

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Too bad you came on one of my ranting days, but I had just had too many of other people publicly flogging their husbands and had to vent. So please come again when I am more normal, or as close to it as I get.

I love Mormon Mommy Blogs too and a good way to make sure that what you read is not going to make you blush.

la bellina mammina said...

Hi - I dropped by from Christine.. That's a fantastic idea!

Jennifer said...

Funny shirt! :-)

I am the person sending to you in the "Autumn Goody Swap." Would you email me at TwoBlackLabsnSC[at]aol[dot]com with a little about yourself and answer her questions about things you like about Fall, Halloween, etc.?? I normally would email you, but couldn't find your email address on your profile.

Looking forward to sending you some goodies.

Have a great day!

Jennifer :-)