Friday, September 12, 2008

Survey for a craft swap I'm doing: feel free to ignore!

1. Do you knit or crochet? For how long? I knit. I learned when I was 10, but have taken lots of breaks since then :) I can't seem to wrap my head around crocheting. Maybe someday.

2. What sort of needles or hooks do you enjoy using the most? Are there some you've been dying to try out and haven't? I'm not picky- I like the way circulars distribute the weight.

3. What kind of projects do you most enjoy? Small things you can take with you, or big complex ones that are just gorgeous when they're done? I'm not quite ready for big and complex. I did knit my son's first halloween costume (a red hooded cardigan with horns, matching pants with a tail), though, and a cardigan/coat for Christmas. I was super proud of it. I guess I like trying unusual and new things! I'm working on the mowhawk hat from Domiknitrix for my husband.

4. List one pattern for a dishcloth that you love to make, or just tell us about one you've made or received that you loved. I haven't made one before- my mother has done several, but the one I'm working on right now is super cute!

5. What are your 'must have' notions? Are there any notions you need or can never have enough of? Any that might make you cry if you owned more? I could use some stitch holders.... but I don't think there's such a thing as too much craft stuff. If there is, I'm not there yet!

6. What are your favorite yarns to work with? Any you hate or are allergic to? I'm an advanced beginner when it comes to knitting, so I often stick with the cheap stuff. Lion Brand is my friend, and I LOVE their organic cotton yarns. I'm allergic to wool and silk, so I haven't tried to find one I don't react to yet. Maybe someday I'll try alpaca!

7. What colors do you like to use in projects? Any we'd never catch on your needles? I'm not a big purple fan, it feels like it stifles my creativity when I try to use it. I know, it is weird.

8. Any cottons you'd like to try you can't find by you, or just haven't gotten around to getting? I'm open to just about anything!

9. Do you like to use bar soap or shower gel more? What kinds of scents do you love? What kind do you hate? Shower Gel- I hate when bar soap gets mushy. We usually go for fruity/foodie scents around here.

10. What's more 'Halloweeny' - Ghosts, Pumpkins, or Witches? Ghosts and witches tie it up there , but I love pumpkins because you can extend their use to Thanksgiving!

11. What's your favorite Treat to get? Sweet or Salty? Anything you're allergic to or just hate? Dislike spicey things. Laffy Taffy is probably my favorite treat.

12. What was your favorite Halloween Costume as a kid? As an adult?? I just loved that I got to wear makeup on Halloween! Last year, after playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I kept my costume and went as Dorothy, a great time, but the ruby slippers just about killed my feet!

13. Are you on Ravelry? Nope.

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Ravelry is a place to keep track of your projects and yarn and needles and look at everyone projects for inspiration.I like typing in a skein of yarn to get ideas of what I could make with it.If you join add me as a friend knottyknitter40:)hugs Darcy