Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, Good Morning!

What's that you say? It's not morning anymore? You'd never have guessed that by looking at me an hour ago. See, Stinky had a rough night. I'm pretty sure he has allergies and whenever he'd wake up coughing from the junk running down his throat, he'd scream hysterically for me. We had to give inhalers, which was really, really cool. He totally loved putting the scary mask on his face and being held down by WBH. Totally. After the inhalers, he begged us in his sad, hysterical, sobbing voice "Big Bird... dinosaurs! Big Bird!" Which only made us laugh. He snuggled up to me, and we ordered Sesame Street On Demand (thank heavens for this in emergencies!), and he finally fell asleep on my chest. (I loved that part). We woke up late this morning snuggled up next to eachother, surrounded by fruit snacks, another desperate request from the allergy king.

He woke up rather cheerful this morning, but the rough night has taken it's toll, and the allergies are still in force. He's gone from happy, giggling rolling in the floor, and playing "Don't touch the camera!" with mommy:
To sweet and cute, saying "Too! (I love you) mommy..."
To total space cadet and crashing for 15 minutes at a time before starting the cycle all over again.
Don't get me wrong, I hate when my baby is sick. I love the extra snuggles, and kisses, though.
I think life has a way of letting us know it's time to slow down.

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