Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Rachael Ray doesn't have a penis," and other sentences I never expected to come out of my mouth

Stinky knows the names of his body parts- really well. He's very good at naming them, and sometimes he likes to name other people's body parts. Yesterday, before dinner, we were snuggled on the sofa watching Rachael Ray. He pointed to his privates, and said "Penis!"

This is nothing new. "Yep. That's where it is. Oooh, look, spaghetti, sweetie."

He pointed to the screen "Penis."

"No, Rachael Ray is a girl, and girls don't have penises."

Then, he yelled '"PENIS!" as loud as he could. I'm so glad we had the door open to get the air moving. The neighbors must have really enjoyed sharing this moment with us. Yes, Mom, this is totally karma for when Bubba and I would play the penis game, which is remarkably similar- finding a public place (preferably with our mother) to say 'penis' over and over again and trying not to be the first one to laugh. I know I have this coming to me. Back to yesterday.

"Nope, girls don't have penises, only boys. Stinky and Daddy have one, but Mommy, and Rachael Ray, we sure don't. Because we're girls, and girls don't have penises." He eyed me suspiciously, then decided I speak the truth. Whispering "penis," he rests his head back down on my shoulder.

It's funny, but most of the things I never expected to say to a child - or ever, really - have that word in them. Like "Don't touch your penis with your binky or I'll take your binky away," or "You think your penis is a snake, do you? That's pretty ambitious, buddy, but hey, shoot for the moon, right?"


dmoms said...

okay, the title got my attention. That is funny!

Kimbooly said...

I was in a public restroom with my three boys, and made them all crowd in the biggest bathroom stall with me, and made them look at the wall while I went. Bryce's head (about 4 yrs old at the time) turned slightly and I called out, "I need my privacy, Bryce," and he replied, "Mom, don't worry. I didn't see your penis." One of the funniest moments I've ever had as a parent. Even funnier was his shock that moms don't have a penis. How do you explain our privates in 4 yr old terms? A hole? That ours is on the inside, the reverse of a guy's?