Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween 2006

Halloween is kind of our holiday. It's our favorite. Starting this year, we've made the decision that each year our family will determine a group theme for our costumes. I'm about halfway done with our costumes, which will be taking up most of my mental capacity and energy this week. So, if you'll humor me, I'm going to share pictures from the last few years of halloween.

We used a cement form, spray paint, and elastic and transformed my belly into a cannon. We had the parrot at the time, we figured we might as well get into the spirit of things.

This was the first year WBH used his drill press to carve our pumpkin. It made a fantastic mess in our apartment, but we were happy with the results, and he's done it each year since.


Melissa said...

I remember seeing you guys that year; I loved the belly cannon!

And I have to tell you how much I loved your dinosaur post about Stinky.

balloongal said...

I look forward to seeing more.