Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ready to see this mama geek out? We're fans of the Imagination Movers in this house. When we saw Stinky react to their music, and realized how parent-friendly it is, we mused that if they ever, by some weird circumstance, came to Seattle, we'd have to take him to see them.

Fast forward to this fall, when we saw a commercial announcing their tour- and wouldn't you know it, they were in town just a week and a half before Stinky's birthday. As an early birthday gift, we got tickets. The morning of, we told him there was a big surprise, but didn't tell him what until we arrived. When we told him, he didn't really get it. He asked for popcorn and candy. I had to explain that this wasn't a movie theater, but a show theater, and the Movers weren't in a movie, they would be on the stage. His eyes got really big as we eagerly waited for the doors to open.

When the concert started, his eyes sparkled and he grinned, but he really lost it when Mover Rich came running up the aisle. “It’s Rich!” he said in an awed voice, then repeated again “It’s Rich, right here!” I did get a picture- but he turned just as I snapped.

I think it was a little overwhelming for him, all of it. He participated mostly from my lap, or just next to me in the aisle- above, we're making our best "brainstorming" faces. At one point, he felt brace and started weaving through the aisle of kids toward the stage. I caught up to him about halfway there.

The Movers keep it fun for the parents- over-the-kids head jokes, dancing to MC hammer, rewriting Kiss and Journey songs. My favorite, though was when they covered Jimmy Eat Worlds's In the Middle. I love that song- and I needed to hear those lyrics. Stinky loved the show, and truth be told, I enjoyed it more than I think I'm ready to admit.


Tina and Dan said...

I think that is awesome! I think it is great that a kids fun group can also entertain instead of nauseate parents! I think I probably would have liked it too!

Anonymous said...

Looks totally rockin'. I'm glad you got to go and enjoy with your sweet boy.