Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whee, he's three!

I can't believe my little man is three. He's such an awesome kid. All through the day yesterday, we said things like "and this is when mommy got the epidural and fell right asleep because the contractions kept her up all night, three years ago" or "And this is about the time Mommy decided she really disliked the doctor that delivered you, but in the end it didn't matter, because we got you." It was a pretty low-key, at home day for him. I'm grateful for this age, where the simple things are the best.

The hat above I made after Stinky begged for a very similar one for sale in Seattle over the weekend. The only real difference is that there was a plastic dinosaur on the top and a little more glitter- but this one cost me $2.50, not the $32.99 they wanted in the shop. Thank heavens he's got a mama that can make things!

As a special birthday breakfast, I created a flip-flap Jack. It's a word play that we learned this summer, that he instantly declared "a-MAY-zing!" and I thought it would be fun.
"Flip Flap Jack's Arms are deeeeelicious!" It's a little morbid, I admit. Later, we snuggled on the couch and talked about how he was a three year-old boy. He told me "and you're a three year-old Mommy." "Why, yes I am," I told him, and he hugged me tight.

In addition to a special dinner of "Pizza, french fries, and chocolate milk," he asked for an ankylosaurus cake. So help me, an ankylosaurus cake. Fortunately, I was able to modify an alligator plan from Hello Cupcake. This is what we wound up with.
We had a small family party for him tonight, which was nice and mellow. I guess I'm waiting until he's invited to a preschool or church friend's party before we have a friend party. We've also talked about having even birthdays being small family to-dos, and odd birthdays being friend parties. We make plans and God laughs, though, so we'll see.

WBH has been working on this painting for Stinky's room for months! It takes up most of the wall, and it's awesome! I'm so proud of him! After taking some time to play with his haul, he went to bed late and took his new triceratops skull (a fishtank toy he was in awe of everytime we went to the store) with him. He tucked him in a wished him a good night, as well as the dinosaurs in the painting.

Stinky is such an amazing little miracle. He challenges me and makes me grow as a mom, as a person, everyday, but he has changed me so much. We love you, Stinkosaurus Rex, Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fabulous birthday all around. Cute kid, cute hat, and amazing painting.

Good job, Mom, for making it special!

Anonymous said...

I forgot the cake and Jack--they are both totally awesome.

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

A very sweet day for sure. You are such a great Mom!

balloongal said...

You talented parents are a-MAY-zing. Congratulations, Stinky, for hitting 3 years. You are such a blessing to your mom and dad.