Thursday, December 24, 2009

With My Little Eye

There's a craft shop my mother and I frequent where they have a basket of scraps you can buy by the pound. I've been stalking the scrap bin all year, in preparation for this I-spy quilt for Stinky. I hope he likes it. This is his big handmade gift this year. Cutting the pieces took the longest, and trying to put it together without any matching pieces too near the others was a little trying, but once that came together, it didn't take long at all.

I don't think this year is as much handmade, or if it is, WBH has taken some on, and some were done far in advance. That's been lovely. I still have quite a list for today, but I'm not nearly as stressed over them as I was last Christmas Eve, thank heavens. If I'm not back for Christmas, I hope your day is wonderful, and thanks for reading, all.