Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Than That

I have this incredible friend, Emjoy, who lives in Chicago. She's amazingly talented, and lovely, but the lady has been a magnet for awkward situations. She began calling it the Emjoy Luck Club at some point, even going so far as to say it was contagious to those around her. Today, I had a 'flare up' of the rare condition, and I missed her very badly.

Now, if you're my friend on Facebook, you've seen the condensed version of this story. WBH, with the help of what seems like an army, pulled off a Christmas party that rivalled any I've ever attended. They went all out. My main contribution was as go-fer. Costco was crazy and full of... let's call them JuiceBags. I was hungry, tired of being cut off by JuiceBags eager for samples and frustrated as I tried to get to the point farthest from the entrance. I had only gotten the whipped cream and was comparing prices on juice cocktail. An employee nearby looked at me, looked at the whipped cream in the cart, and said "Mmm... you're going to need more than that."

I wish I'd thought of something clever to say. I stood there, shocked, as the employee walked away. Mostly, I missed Emjoy and having those Emjoy Luck moments with her and the one I called Pookie.


theballoonguy said...

That's a decent post're going to need to write more than that.

I hope you're day got better.

joyofem said...

How did I miss this entry?! This just made me cry. I miss, you friend. And to my recollection you always seemed to handle awkward moments with more grace than I've ever had in my entire life.