Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going on a MoJo Hunt.

I didn't mean to be away from the blog for almost a week, but I was. I had all sorts of Christmas posts in my head, but it's hard to be in the holiday spirit with your head in the toilet. This week, Stinky and I shared a virus. I thought it was so funny when I'd find him laying on the floor where ever he was at the moment he decided he felt tired- "Don't worry, I'm just resting here, Mom" - until I was the one doing it. "Don't worry, I'm just dying here, guys."

Last week, before we got sick, we set up our tree and visited Santa. We had a hard time at preschool and I lost my baking mojo (I blame the cupcakes, I think they've cursed me). I finished two Christmas gifts, scored some deals for me and wrote me "30-before-30" list.

I feel like I've lost some mojo in general. Maybe it's 29. Maybe it's the virus. Either way this week I'm going mojo hunting. Any tips on hunting that bugger down?

Until then, I'll leave you this picture of my adorable guys, working together.


James and Elizabeth said...

We've been sick around our house too. I hope you feel better soon.

Chiconky said...

Awesome picture! Good luck with the mojo. Maybe it's not lost, just taking a little break. I'm sure it will be back soon.

Meredith said...

ah, the ever elusive mojo. yeah, still working on that one too. and what a crazy time of year to try and track it down too, right? ;) good luck girl! looks like your tree rocks at least. so jealous of your REAL tree! for real. :)
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