Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Oh. my boy is four. There's just no pretending that he's anything but a kid now. It might be killing me more than the ugly '29.' I think I'll think about that later.

We decided to get a big family party in before the holidays, so his party was Sunday. The night before, we hung snowflakes- meaning I cut them and WBH patiently climbed up and down the step ladder to hang them. There are still 50 snowflakes hanging from the ceilings in our entry, living and dining rooms. He set up and I wrapped with fabric his gift- can you guess what it is?

We kept the other decorations simple with fabric and his special day poster from preschool.

Another dinosaur cake was requested, this year thankfully nothing as specific or involved as last year's ankylosaurus cake. Honestly, I felt a little like I phoned this one in, but Rotten has been sick, so I only had about 20 minutes to work this out.

He requested another "flip flap jack" breakfast when he woke on his day, and Tealah stopped by with birthday cookies- she knows him so well.

Then we went to pick up the final pieces of his birthday presents- the fish! We have 3 platys (Heddy, Ocho, and Bone-o) and two catfish (both named Oto, "because they're cousins"). How I hope he develops better taste in names before he gives me grandchildren.

After watching the fish for a while, we took him to dinner at a resteraunt of his choice. A fine Scottish bistro- perhaps you've heard of it?

Tonight he's requested to sleep with the fishies, and we see no reason a sleepover shouldn't happen.

Dear Stinky, today you are four. Your name means fiery prince and boy, do you live up to it. We love the way you do things one hundred and crazy percent. We are so proud of the way you've grown up this year and stepped up into the role of big brother. We prayed so hard for you to become a part of our family, and you are just what we wanted. We love how you surprise us and keep life interesting, and we hope that never changes.

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earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Ahhh! Four is too old. Time is going too fast. He is a darling boy and I have always wanted to do that with snowflakes but I am too lazy. Maybe if I were still 29 . . . ?