Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm trying something new this week. I've always loved The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday, but I didn't want to post anything until I'd lost weight and had the time/funds to dress better. Then I had a change of heart, deciding that I can work with what I am, with what I have. So I've used the WIWW to motivate myself to step it up this week, and I'm joining in.
I'm a work in progress here- constructive criticism is welcomed, as fashion isn't my strong suit.
And I promise that if this is a flop, I won't do it to you again.
Hanging out a Mom's- I really love this mirror!
Sweater: Calvin Klein (Costco)
Tank: Costco
Jeans: Eddie Bauer, thrifted
Booties: thrifted
Wild Things Necklace: WBH made
Pipe cleaner and bell bracelet: Stinky made

At Church- Not sure about this one, since I was hopping it was a little Joan Holloway meets Emma Pillsbury.
Then Stinky said "That's when I was in your tummy" when he saw this picture. Fail?
Sweater and brooch: Gifted
tank: Costco
Belt: thrifted skinny tie bought for an 80's party a million years ago
Skirt: Marshalls
Herringbone Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet- Stinky made

Stinky's Birthday, at the fine Scottish Bistro
Brown cable sweater: Jeanne Pierre, thrifted
tee: Old Navy hand-me-down
hat and scarf: made by me

(the hair is a hot mess... I was trying for Rachelle LeFevre hair, I got Roseanne Roseannadanna)

Church Christmas Party
Sweater: Target, thrifted ($2!)
Scarf: Marshall's
Tank: hand-me-down
Pants: Express, thrifted (I didn't think I'd fit in anything from there, I was very excited)
Shoes: thrifted
Earrings: made by me


Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

All cute outfits! And you look great! :)

Kim said...

I think you look super cute! I see no fails there :)

A Farmers Wife said...

I really like the hat and scarf you made, great job!

Mama_Bear said...

Love Love Love the yellow... it is absolutely stunning against your skin and hair. The hat and scarff is very cute as well as your first photo with the blue shirt, jeans and boots. I really like your outfit with the green cardigan and i hear your hesitation. I was thinking a thicker/chunkier belt would really set it off. The larger belt and a touch tighter would really emphasisze your waist and subtly show an hourglass shape! Love it you are soo lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea. I am now an absolute fan of What I Wore Wednesday and as of this moment am going to integrate scarves into my wardrobe much more often.

Elizabeth said...

I liked the green cardigan, ignore Stinky. lol