Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas List

I'm wishing for:

        • my mojo. I want it back.

        • a stop to my post-pregnancy hair loss.

        • a global ban on "The Christmas Shoes" forever and ever and ever.

        • the will power to walk away from Christmas goodies and pick up something real.

        • job security for WBH through the state's bloody school budget massacre. As an aside, WAY TO BE, Washington voters for repealing the candy and soda tax that helped fund education and health care. Now your children can be overweight and undereducated. GOOD FOR YOU, JUICEBAGS. Wait, where did this soapbox come from?

        • Rotten learning to sleep through the night, or at least most of it, in his own bed

        • diet dr. pepper (see above)

        • Stinky working through the issues he's having at preschool

        • a good night's sleep, or something close to it (see above)

        • time to accomplish the goals I set, projects I dream up, blog posts I begin in my head, and the ingenuity to do it all at little to no cost.

        • a peaceful year of forward progress for my family and the ones I love


        earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

        It'll get better after the birthday. Don't forget to breathe!

        Shannon said...

        My thoughts exactly. I read your blog BTW. Baby #2 sure has played a number on me and my little world. I don't think I've even really blogged anything worth while since she came around.

        PS. I voted to keep the candy and soda tax just so it would stay to expensive for ME to buy!

        katinkadinks said...

        Wow - this is pretty darn similar to my Christmas wishlist... especially the hair one. 7 1/2 months, and it is still going strong... c'mon, give me a break here!

        Mike Brinkerhoff said...

        Oh... for a ban on The Christmas Shoes... What a wonderful world that would be!

        Luckily, I haven't heard it this year - one of the benefits of setting up my own Christmas stream, and ignoring all the others!! :)

        balloongal said...

        So... how many of these things did you actually get for Christmas?

        Rae said...


        2. ish.

        Elizabeth said...

        I want a ban on "Christmas Shoes" too! Hope Santa makes your wishes come true ;)