Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tree: Part One

Cookie Friday is on holiday (get it?) until after Christmas. Look for her triumphant return January 11. The baking mojo took off with her and forcing the baking means it's no fun and doesn't taste as good.

We are luck to have a tree farm just 20 minutes from us that's well priced, friendly and really fun. Not only that ,but we get to drive past beautiful buddhist and hindu temples on the way there. We've gone there for 3 years and it seems like every time we go, we find THE tree almost as soon as we walk in. Then, Stinky helps WBH chop it, or holds a branch. Same thing.

And he is a big help when it comes to lugging it to the shake-out-the-needles-and-bugs machine.

The tree farm has a "trees baled $2, children baled free" sign. Don't advertise it if you don't mean it, folks, because this family will take you up on your offer to wrap our firstborn up in a candy cane colored net.

Last year we asked him if he wanted to, and he shrieked in horror at the very suggestion. This year, he was excited for it. The kid who roughs up the trees to get them through the baler, said that this was his first kid though, and that it made his day.

Of course we wouldn't really do this, but I kind of think he'd really enjoy the ride


Oh yeah, we were there, too, and Rotten was a little cold. Like his "I hate you guys so bad" face?

For Part Two, come on back Monday.


James and Elizabeth said...

What a great tree farm. I love that Stinky of yours.

katinkadinks said...

Love him on top of the car... that is awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

I loved that you baled the kid! Every parent's dream, I'm sure.