Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What We Wore to a Zombie Wedding

This weekend, WBH and I attended a Zombie Wedding. It was awesome. He'd made some of the jewelry for the couple- groom's ring, necklaces for the bride and maid of honor - and we were excited to see how the evening would go. It was great to see how they did it their way and how much of the wedding really was about who they were. It was really fun.
Dress: JCPenny Clearance (best $10 I've spent on clothes)
Sweater: thrifted a million years ago
belt: borrowed from sister
fishnets: Voldemart
shoes: Payless
Hair Clip: TheaStarr
Necklace: WBH Made: See Below

WBH looks pretty hot in his suit and two-toned wing tips, but make sure you don't miss this detail:


Here's the bride's brain necklace, be sure to note the skeletal hand clasp, too. He never ceases to impress me with how skilled and creative he is!


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Dee said...

Wow! I've never been to a zombie look adorable, love the true heart necklace!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for some zombie make-up . . . but you both look fabulous without it. LOVE that dress.

Anonymous said...


Abby said...

Cute dress! It's always fun to find a great deal on something like that. :]

balloongal said...

He really is talented.

Chiconky said...

You guys look adorable! I love your necklace.

Elizabeth said...

That dress is super cute and you look really good in it. Both necklaces are done well. How funny to go to a zombie wedding!