Monday, January 24, 2011

I Made it Monday: Superman Coffee Cozy

Stinky sees me making things a lot. Sometimes he'll get in on the act. Say the word "project" in front of him and see how he lights up. He's also reached the peak of new-sibling insecurity. Well, I hope it's the peak. Anyway, he saw me making the birthday bows last week and asked "When will you make something for me?"

Yeah, pardon me while I pull the knife from my back. I promised him the next thing I made would be for him, and he was satisfied. Then I checked out Iron Craft's Week 4 Challenge. Coffee Cozies? In a coffee-free household, for a four year-old, nonetheless. Awesome. Still, I did promise.

Meet Clark Kent's Coffee Cozy:

clark kent's coffee cozy

It's made from felt and embroidery floss, with a pattern for the emblem made from a Superman sticker. I used this template from LittleRedSaid. As he excitedly watched me stitching it, I refused to tell him what it was, only that it was for him. He'll just have to see when he wakes this morning and gets hot chocolate with his breakfast.
I'll admit, making this for him made me feel a little super. Up, up, and away!


Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

cute, awesome, love it! Your a "Super Mom".

Liz said...

Super cool!! In the same vein I bet he would love a pair of these wrist cuffs.

I'm going to be making a version of these for Brenin's b-day party, with A's and Captain America's shield.

James and Elizabeth said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

kat said...

My 8 year old cousin made his own for the challenge & he loves it so much & has to use it for all his drinks

shopgirl said...

Great job!