Saturday, January 8, 2011

You're the Inspiration

Stinky's hands kneading some dough- a favorite picture from the holidays.

I received an amazing e-mail from a friend this week. She thanked me for writing what I do here, letting me know it inspired her. During a hard week of illness running like a racehorse through our family, it made my ever-loving day and almost made me do the ugly cry. I'm not trying to brag here, or fish for compliments, honestly. It's just that I don't know that I do that enough- thanking the people who inspire me with the things they do. I'll be spending sometime this weekend working on that.

Who is inspiring you? Have you let them know lately? Because you might make them do the ugly cry. Just sayin'.


balloongal said...

I'll be honest. It's you. I really got interested in starting a blog from watching what you did on yours. I even got some ideas of types of posts to do because they were so neat on yours (catch of the day based on your wordless Wednesdays). I loved to see what crafts you would do and it made me think, "hey, maybe I can get back into doing some crafts, too. She's a mom and she manages to do it."
You are an inspiration, Rae. I love reading your blog and I'm lucky I'll always have you as a sister in-law in-law.
P.S. I love that picture.

Anonymous said...

I ugly cry way too easily for my vanity. But I guess since your challenge is to make someone ELSE ugly cry, I'll try and figure out who to target.

And I do love your blog. It's hard work, thinking of stuff to say and make. You do it so well.