Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Girl

There is something about a sister. You can say horrible things to each other, you can steal shamelessly from their wardrobe, you can make fun of her having a badonkadonk that rivals Jennifer Lopez, and you know that the two of you will still love each other. I have two sisters in my family, and while I have done all of the above to them (and they have done the same to me- except for the badonkadonk, that's reserved for middle sister), and we all still love each other very much.
Middle Sister ditched her yeti of a boyfriend earlier this year and decided to serve a mission for our church. She found out two days before Christmas that she will be leaving the nest for a year and a half to live in Campinas, Brazil. "OH MY GOSH, you guys, I'm not even upset!" she shouted.
I'm so proud of her, and excited for the changes and blessings this will bring for her. I'll be starting a blog to keep her friends and family updated while she's gone.... and I am going to steal every scrap left in her closet before her plane leaves the ground.
So, to Middle Sister, my Irma Ginger, I say "You'll be swell! You'll be great! Your red pumps and brown knee-high boots aren't good for walking and Little Sister's feet are too big anyway!"


M said...


Oh, that's SO great for Middle Sister! I can't BELIEVE she's old enough to serve a mission! I can't believe I am old enough for her to serve a mission!

Wow. Brazil!

balloongal said...

Awesome. That's where my brother, Paco, served his mission. Of course that was quite a few years ago as he's the same age as Jeremy. But still...

Ginger said...

I love you, and also, I like you.

Also, the boots are coming with me.


SarahJane said...

Congratulations! New clothes!

Anonymous said...

Even if they allow missionaries to wear boots (one eyebrow raised suspiciously) the climate might make them uncomfortable. I'm just sayin'.